Crowdfunding Campaign: TrashCash is a Recycling Company that Promises to Revolutionize Ghana

by Frank Adibi
(Accra, Ghana)

One of the greatest obstacles to economic development for the West African country of Ghana is the lack of a modern trash removal system. Without effective trash management, many of the communities there are mired in extremely unsanitary conditions which breed malaria and cholera. A new company founded by Stephany Lawson and Frank Adibi, TrashCash, will incentivize residents to clean up their communities by paying for recyclable goods like plastics, paper and metals.
TrashCash is a mobile recycling application that will assist users in identifying valuable waste products and nearby recycling centers. The company intends to partner with local shops and transit centers that will serve as recycling centers. The mobile phone will also help them know how much these goods are worth. In many cases, TrashCash users can also utilize mobile phones to bank the money from transactions. Currently, a five kilogram bag of trash is valuated at $20, and once a minimum of $25 is reached, funds are accessible through banks or their mobile device. TrashCash seeks to educate schoolchildren about the importance of recycling and the TrashCash system, thereby creating a new generation of recycling residents.

TrashCash has already registered their program with the appropriate Ghana authorities, but they are still in need of funds to launch the program. The management team has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $8,000 to initiate this important program. Financial contributors will receive a variety of rewards for their donations including T-shirts, customized websites, photo albums, and a personal mobile app. To learn more about TrashCash and how you can be a part of this historic project, please visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Trash Cash
Contact Person: Stephany Lawson
Country: United States

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