Crowdfunding campaign: Tiny Forest is Humane and Deep Green Farming

by Marcia

Tiny Forest is 10.3 acres, a tiny house, a tiny orchard and a tiny dairy. We have recognized a niche that can provide improved agricultural management practices and humane treatment to raise young dairy calves for earth-friendly, regional "milk and peace" veal.

What would happen if, instead of looking in the supermarket meat case for cheap, we consider our ancestors domesticated animals in an atmosphere of mutual respect, acknowledging our interconnected and interdependent reality. Is it possible to find respect in the supermarket meat case? The health of the planet and all terrestrial life, all terrestrial vegetation is interdependent. The industrialization of agriculture has removed respect from the equation and by doing so has removed health. We subsidize the extra cost of meat with polluted waters where we can't swim, with fish we can't eat. We lose clean drinking water and balanced ecosystems. All around us, there is environmental degradation, health scares, fish kills, algal blooms, loss of habitat. When we took out respect, we did ourselves in. It is time to rekindle respect. Animals deserve our understanding of mutual interdependence. To acknowledge this is to begin to return to respect in the world, as it is.

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Jun 14, 2016
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