Crowdfunding Campaign: Theme Based Photography Contest Website

by balram

What is the project?

This project will be a website where photography contests will be hosted. We would give a theme for every competition. Contestants will be rewarded accordingly.

Aren't there many contest websites running already?

Yes. Of course there are many contests out there. But many of those contests are for professionals and many are not known to people. We shall focus on our local mouth to mouth marketing. The marketing will not be focused to make our website popular. It will be focused to engage more people with us to explore their photography talents. More than photography we shall focus on exploring India and its festivals. In every region of this country many festivals are celebrated which we don't even are aware of. Our theme will be mainly focused towards regional cultures of this country.

Moreover we shall run a few contests based on other themes.

Will $10k be all for this project?

No. But for initial set up and launch it is enough. After the launch, we shall contact local people for sponsorship. Marketing and advertising fundamentals will be used for generating funds in future.

What if I don't get this project funded here?

I shall save money from my own pocket till I don't get enough amount to initiate the project. I shall execute the project in phases which will take much longer time than if started with a complete budget.

Am I able to execute this project?

I am a qualified Computer Engineer doing Masters degree in Software Engg. So I am qualified enough to handle this project. I would design my team after I get funding. I have a blueprint for this project.

How will I use this amount?

Preparing a good website

Getting it hosted over a good server

Marketing material

Prize money for initial contests

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