Crowdfunding Campaign: Stories from the Carnival - Are You Afraid of Clowns?

by Sam Qualiana
(Lockport, NY)

The Project
Stories from the Carnival is an Anthology Horror Film in the same vein as CREEPSHOW or TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE. We have already raised funds and filmed 2 segments for it including HIS NAME IS CLOWN FACE and STORY TIME. Now we need help raising the funds to film a wrap around story (which will take place at a carnival) and the final segments to the film to make it feature length.
We would love to showcase our hard work on these films as one whole feature, but we need the help to make it happen!

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Key Personnel

SAM QUALIANA is the writer and director of the CARNIVAL SEGMENT as well as CRAZY LANE, another segment that needs to be filmed . Sam wrote and Directed THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS which has received a distribution deal and will be out on DVD and VOD June 24th of this year. Qualiana won the Filmmaker to Watch Award at Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, and his short film SOMETHING AFTER MIDNIGHT won Best Horror Short Film. His debut feature, SNOW SHARK: ANCIENT SNOW BEAST, won “Best Title” at PollyGrind Film Festival and was released on DVD by Alternative Cinema/POP Cinema Studios. Since then, he worked as 2nd Assistant Director on Debbie Rochon’s MODEL HUNGER, 1st AD on Lloyd Kaufman’s RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH, 2nd AD on Chris Olen Ray’s SyFy werewolf movie BATTLEDOGS, and Director of Photography on Gregory Lamberson and Michael O’Hear’s DRY BONES plus much more.

JASON JOHN BEEBE is the writer and director of STORY TIME.
Jason John Beebe is an upstate NY actor and writer. This is the third short film Jason has directed.

CHRIS RADOS is a grip/gaffer, and owns and operates the equipment rental house Western New York Grip & Electric. Chris wrote and directed the award winning short film HIS NAME IS CLOWNFACE which will be featured in the anthology. He was a co-producer and lighting director on DRY BONES, and worked on the feature THE ROMANS. He is currently working on co-directing Dick Johnson and Tommy Gun vs. The Cannibal Cop with John Renna.

What We Need
We need money for camera equipment, costumes, props, transportation, expenses and food. Most of our crew and talent are working for free! We'd like to pay everyone for their hard work but realistically might not be able to do that unless we go over our goal.

The Impact
Every film I (Sam Qualiana) have ever crowd funded, short or feature film, has been completed and released to the public. SNOW SHARK and THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS were mostly crowd funded films and both received worldwide distribution deals. We intend on seeking distribution for this anthology as well upon completion.

This will by all means be completed with your help and we're close to ALREADY having it finished so what we need is an incredibly small amount.

The plan is to get everything done in MAY, but if we don't get the money it might have to be pushed back until we can raise the funds later on. We'd hate to postpone this adventure so help us out, even the smallest amount goes a long way.

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