Crowdfunding Campaign: Steven Cairney Sunflowerchild Project 2014

by Steven
(United Kingdom)

EXCITING up and running campaign for YOU!
"Steven Cairney Sunflowerchild Project 2014"

Bringing Fine Art shows to small towns & villages across the UK and Worldwide. Connecting with YOUR community, YOUR school childred and made real by YOU.
It brings happiness & the wellness of being.

The question that sparked the idea for this project is, why is it always London and the big cities that get the high end shows & exhibitions so the aim of the project is to bring the show to YOU.

I believe it is still in the early evening dancehall stage, where no one is getting up until someone takes to the floor. Will you BE that person?

Obviously YOUare the judge. Please take a look at the project, share and if you want become a backer. You never know, you may be the first.

Here is the link for you to follow:

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