Crowdfunding Campaign: Short film Mikelis and story collection The Book of Names

You’ve got Marc, a director from Germany, Cam, a publisher from Australia, and Royce, an author who travels the world. There’s a fabulous collection of short stories, wild and funny and disturbing - stories of regular people cut straight from the modern era - from a vagabond writer who has already won a big independent publishing award. Marc finds one story particularly resonant and sinister, so he turns it into a screenplay, and he gets an Oscar-nominated producer on board who’s fully behind the project.

So let’s do it. Make the short film Mikelis and publish the short story collection, all under the banner of one brazenly fantastic, big-time ambitious, cross-media project, and get lots of smart, like-minded people involved. Because we like films, and we like books, and more than anything, we like telling stories. You too? Mikelis is a great story, and so are the other nineteen stories in Royce Leville’s The Book of Names. We want to share Mikelis with the world, and the other wacky stories as well. We need your help to do it!

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