Crowdfunding Campaign: LIFE Saving Brain Tumor removal surgery for a mother of 3

by Tanya Larsen
(Gooding, ID. 83330)

This is my MRI of my tumor

This is my MRI of my tumor

This is my MRI of my tumor This is me after having our last son

I had my third son 2 years ago and it came with complications. I chose to have the epidural, as I had with my previous births. This time something went wrong. My body reacted to the drug adversely. My blood pressure crashed hard and fast. They immediately dispursed drugs into my IV to bring it back up to par. Instead of my blood pressure increasing gradually, it sky rocketed and the doctors, at that point, could not level it out. This process caused my current condition: Pituitary Apoplexy. It is a bleeding tumor on my pituitary gland in my brain. I was diagnosed in February of this year and at that time the tumor was 6.5mm x 8mm microadenoma, since then it has grown to 10.6mm x 10.7mm and now needs to be removed. I have terrible symptoms and some of them come with no chance of recovery. I have lost a good portion of my normal eye sight. Everything is a blur and accompanied by double vision, dizziness, fatigue, blackouts, vomiting, constant headache even after painkillers, tremors, night sweats, confusion, fatigue, inability to drive safely or care for my children on my own. I can keep on letting my condition decline and lose all of my eye sight permanently as well as the risk of death or have it removed, now here is my issue. I had great insurance up until the last day of May, and then the letter came cancelling my insurance because it didnt comply with obamacare regulations. I was devestated due to the fact that my husband and I had dumped the rest of our savings into paying for my deductible that way all my medical needs would be met 100% for the duration of the year. Since then I have obtained new insurance but am needing to meet my deductible (for the second time this year) so that my procedure will be covered 100%. I guess to make an extremely long story short, I would like to ask for some volunteers so help me spread around my fundraiser campaign. I hope that this is ok as I am not trying to do anything wrong. I am just looking for some help. Please share my link with everyone. I would grately apreciate it :

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