Crowdfunding Campaign: Lets make the world food secure!

by Mary Mbuve
(Machakos, Kenya)


Mary Mbuve is a self-motivated individual who thrives in seeing results and impact. I have over 5 years’ experience working with an international NGO in the agribusiness value chain in Kenya. In my line of duty, I have been able to identify potential agribusiness opportunities which are in line with my passion for farming, and which can go a long way in solving employment challenges in my community, country and the world at large. For instance, horticulture has lots of untapped potential both locally and abroad, and the more reason I am driven take it to another level through organic farming; integrating fish, vegetables and fruits in an aquaponic System. This decision was made after a very intense feasibility and market study into the agribusiness sector in Kenya and particularly the emerging aquaponic farming.

What is Aquaponic Farming

Aquaponic is a food production system that combines conventional aquaculture- raising aquatic animals such as fish in tanks, with hydroponics - cultivating plants in water, in a symbiotic environment. Aquaponic systems have three main components - Fish, Plants and Microbes in a soilless experiencing in our country today: Food insecurity, environmental degradation, water scarcity, pollution, poor nutrition, poverty and unemployment.

In Kenya, Aquaponics is a relatively new technology in farming and those who will venture into it now will have a competitive advantage. Organically farmed products are increasingly being sought, hence an assurance of a lucrative and sustainable market. This venture can be expanded to whatever scale depending on the market and funds availability.

Current Challenges with Aquaponics System of Farming

Aquaponic System is an emerging way of farming in Kenya. Despite its potential, lack of information and knowledge (among the agribusiness stakeholders including the relevant Government Ministry of Agriculture) and funding have been a major challenge. In addition, finding the right information on the same, and selling the idea to financial institutions has been a big hurdle. However, thank God for the internet and a few youths who have been researching and practicing aquoponic farming, and have coached me on how to do the farming. I have also been able to find platforms to sell my idea so as to get funding to kick start the venture. My working experience in the agribusiness sector has also enabled me to have good knowledge on what is required of me and how to run and manage an agribusiness venture.

Target Area

The project will be implemented in Machakos County, in the lower eastern part of Kenya. The area experiences unreliable rainfall, hence severe drought. As a result, poverty levels are high in this region as manifested by food insecurity, poor nutrition and general low standards of living.

KelMar Food Enterprises

It is in recognizance of the above challenges that KelMar Food Enterprises is seeking funds to try and respond to these issues, by setting set up an Aquaponics venture which will among other things achieve the following:
1.Solve Nutrition problems in the community (Protein, vegetables and fruits)
2.Produce organically grown food for healthy eating
3.Create employment for others
4.Conserve the environment by using less water to farm, without the use of chemicals while utilizing small land to farm
5.Transfer the skills by replicating some of the best practices in other areas of the County and Country at large. The farm can be used as a Demo plot (Training Centre)

KelMar Food Enterprises is seeking for $50,000 to set up this venture. The funding will be used to build green houses, the aquaponic system, organic seeds/seedlings, and fingerlings and fish feed until the produce is ready for market. The produce sales will be able to produce and maintain a good cash flow to run and expand the venture. Only one round of financing is required, hence the need for a passive investor. KelMar Food Enterprises will launch this investment immediately the funds are availed. The funding will go a long way in ensuring a good ROI within a reasonable time frame.

The world population is growing annually, and unless young people like me go back to the farm and produce food, food insecurity and unemployment problems will continue to haunt the human race. If you are not in a position to offer financial support, you are in a position to share it within your circles. Commercial Aquaponics is the future of food production and food security.

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