Crowdfunding Campaign: Kitchens Beyond Borders

by Ronald LeClair
(Ottawa Canada)

front cover

front cover

front cover back cover Sample dinner - Greece Sample dinner -Germany

We want to publish the series of 20 ebook cookbooks - international and traditional food from 20 countries cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients tested in home kitchens...
The name of the book is Kitchens Beyond Borders (copyrighted). I worked more than 2 years to put this together. I have been trying to put it out for a few years now, but now decided to just pay all the right people to get it done... A good cook I am but I finally admit that I am not much of an IT guy...
The funding is to enable us to get the 20 pdf files converted to epub and kf8 mobi. Also, there is a fee to register each one with our aggregator who will then get it out to 40 ebook retailers. A copyright registration is also preferred (at a cost to register each ebook). Other minor expenses may occur such as some graphics work etc.
Thank you for your interest,
Ronald LeClair Cook and Author

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