Crowdfunding Campaign: "I Make Movies" mobile Device film School desperately needs help with Renovation

by Tiffany-Nicole Hill
(Austin, Texas)

Making movies with a smart phone

Making movies with a smart phone

Making movies with a smart phone One of our iPhones set up in a rig One of our classrooms in need of renovation Projected completed look of our school

Our mobile film school is in need of renovations and equipment to open its doors in our new space. Help us present the opportunity of education and film to kids and adults at our unique school!

"I Make Movies" Mobile Device Film School is a film school devoted to teaching proper film techniques and methods to kids, teens, and adults using smart devices such as a cellphone, tablet or a GOPRO to make movies, music videos, documentaries, commercials and even animation. To sum it all up, our school offers students of all ages something more to do with their cellphones and tablets besides texting, social media and of course talking on the phone.

By offering a solid foundation to learning film making and animation the school has provided an means to make film making possible for anyone wanting to create visual stories simply by using their smartphone, tablet or GOPRO device...

Our goal is to raise $15,000.00 for renovations and additional equipment for our film School.

With your support we will be able to accomplished two things:
*Renovate the close to 1900 square foot space.
*The floors are in desperate need of replacement; we must
*pull up the old carpet, lay new flooring to and underlay
*Remove 3 walls to expand our classroom areas.
*Sound proof one classroom we will use as our voiceover studio
*Painting the entire 2nd level
*Update the male & female restrooms
*Add small lockers to each restroom
*Build a multipurpose studio that will double as a green screen
*Add a dedicated security entrance door on the second level
*Build a receptionist area
*build out interior walls in one classroom

Additional equipment to expand our programs for "I Make Movies":
*More lighting
*Jib Crane
*Dolly and 10' track
*3D printer
*Additional rigs
*portable Stabilizing systems
*Add miscellaneous audio/field equipment
*3 iPads (for scholarship students)
*3 iPod Touches (for scholarship students)
*2 PCs for our lab
*2 Mac Pros for our lab
*Classroom furniture

With doors opening and potential students desiring to create their own almost epic movie 6 days a week, 4 sessions a year providing top notch education in a functional facility is truly vital.

Without additional financial support the costs of tuition fees could very well fall onto the student which is something we want to prevent because teaching and learning film and animation at our school should be the main focus for both the students and our school.

To contribute to our crowdfunding campaign and make a contribution please visit our campaign page:

To learn more about our school and mobile/smart device film making please visit our website at:

Please feel free to promote and share our campaign. Every kind gesture truly helps.

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