Crowdfunding campaign: HUMO Foodtruck, an emerging giant

by Giovanni Brassea
(Tijuana, Mexico)

Hello friends!!! My name is Giovanni Brassea and I'm a Chef and i live in Tijuana, Mexico. LOVE to cook at to give my customers the best food possible. A bit of myself, I have been in the restaurant industry for years and for the last 7-8 years I have been the in-house Chef for my local TV news program (that's me on the far left About a year ago my dad and I started constructing a food truck from scratch as you can see in the video, we did everything we could, and the result was a unique food truck that shared perfectly the idea of our menu: unique food. I love pigs, you love pigs, we all love pigs! In HUMO (Spanish for SMOKE) we make everything home made, the sausages, the sauces, and its all smoked. The bread is the only thing we don't do, but its custom made from a local artisan bakery.

In only 4 months we have made a name for ourselves, been in many different shows (Gringo in Mexico is one of the most popular, but the episode hasn't aired yet), last week we had our 1st nationwide magazine article (also in the video) and in many San Diego news, San Diego Red being the most important. ( And we have been awarded with the "Outstanding Host" Reward.

No doubt celebrities will come very soon, and we cant wait to host Anthony Bourdain!!!

As in every business, we are currently having trouble with financing expansion and production. Right now, all the kitchen related work I do its done in the TV station's kitchen, good for now but it implies a lot of restrictions.

So, I humbly request your aid. We need support to expand the reach of HUMO and to get the infrastructure needed for it.

To all our supporters, we would love to send a sandwich your way so you can delight and marvel at its incomparable taste, but due to technical and legal restrictions I cannot send it =( but you are more than welcome to try it here and it would be on the house! Tijuana isnt as bad as you may think, just Google a bit and you will see. There is a company called "Turista Libre" ( who brings Americans to live the Tijuana lifestyle.

Along with the thank you notes, we are working on giving our supporters unique gifts (T-shirts, keychains, or any other cool gift we can)

So, in short we need your help so more people can enjoy our goodies!

Giovanni Brassea

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