Crowdfunding Campaign: Help 95% go to Internet and now, for world peace!

by Ken,
(St. George, Utah)

Get over 3 billion a way to get to the Internet with this new digital language set with 2,600 languages, all for for PC's, Mac's, Cell phones, smartphones, tablets and Translation devices, and actually no competition!

Also digital languages have already brought worldwide reading like the Bible to now 50 million that could not read it before and about 10 million more each year. It can bring any reading to the entire world and increase freedom, education, liberty and the ability and knowledge and grouping (email, texting, IM, twitter, Facebook other IT / IP) to fight for democracy!

We have a UN report that says no one is helping these three billion connect with the rest of the world. With our IP they can access to each other and have the Internet just like the rest of the free world! Now the whole world can talk together.

You can help our Hero, PHD Linguist, Esteemed Professor, and Bible expert bring Peace and Liberty to the whole world and today.

He has been working for 30 years alone and spent $10 million of his own funds and we just started a year ago to help and he is such a hero for all "humankind" that we would even help him for free, which is what we have done now for 15 months.

In fact we have spend a large part of our own resources already to take him worldwide and right now! #gofundme

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