Crowdfunding Campaign: Happy Children Songs

by Vathi

Niki and Sofinka is unique children's entertainment brand dedicated to promoting human virtues, family values, health and wellbeing in joyful way. Created on 1 June 2013, shortly music videos were seen on YouTube by over 200 000 children throughout the world, regardless of age, sex, race or nationality. Niki and Sofinka featured as uplifting little children's role models living in modern world with caring and human approach to life. Songs are consciously written to pass over the message of kindness, joy and humanity. The lyrics are very beneficial for children healthy psychological development. Singing and repetition of our songs create at children mind positive thoughts towards themselves and others, creating positive feeling and behaviour. Positive information in form of loving, uplifting, joyful emotions, convictions and thoughts has calming and healing impact on human body and mind. We call our songs "healing songs". Sing along with us to make positive changes in our lives.

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