Crowdfunding Campaign: Employ

by Shaun Kolich
(United States)

I would like to thank you for reading my campaign before hand. The reason why I am here is much like anyone else. After serving eight years in the US Military; I decided to fulfill my dream of being a small business owner. Now I am sure you heard multiple pitches, advertisements, etc about why you should invest.

Truth be known I want to offer you an opportunity and yes I am asking for you to donate. I want to tell you about an opportunity to change the future. I want to change how the employment process is done.

What about the employment process I want to change?

Currently the process is submitting resumes, using key words, hoping to get through crawler programs, in order to get the chance to answer the question they want to know? How will I make them money and save them time.
Employers also often visit websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc to get an idea of who you are, and determine if you will be a good fit.
These are simply a couple of things I want to change.

How do we intend to change it?

Provide a place where you can easily upload resumes, cover letters, video resumes, professional albums, and social networking features to show who you are professionally.
Allow streamlined job applicants based off more precise criteria, allow for video upload to perform the first impression interview, google hangouts integration for virtual interviews, group interviews, and more.
This is only the start. However this process I am trying to change will need the support of everyone. When I left the military it took over 2 months for me to find work. Not that I am lazy, unmotivated, or anything like that. I was working almost harder than any other time in my life for the opportunity to answer one question. Why hire me? Everyone knows someone like this, maybe you are one, and I am asking for your help to change it. Please share, help gain popularity, sign up on site, like on Facebook or anyway you can.

Thank you for your contributions the funds will be used for growth, finishing website, marketing, business expense, and research in development to give our customers more for less.

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