Crowdfunding Campaign: Classic Sports Car Video Channel: Collection for Camera equipment

by Chris Page
(United Kingdom)


Filming European & British Classic Sports Car & Hill Climb events. We have the transport & skills but require support to raise funds for replacement equipment.

About us & our Campaign:

Since 2005, we have run SportscarsTV: a platform that hosts one of the largest collections of historical data on Sports car racing; from the earliest days through to modern times. The site started as a minor support site to an IPTV channel and has since grown to well over 1,300 pages of data that we have put together in our free time and freely provide access to, enjoying the knowledge that other motor-sport enthusiasts can use it as reference, can relax and enjoy it. BUT we are in the process of establishing a video archive - or at least until things went a bit off-track...

Twice things have gone wrong for us; firstly we paid 11,000$ to a software house to build a site but they folded before supplying, the second was a person making off with our cameras - gave chase but failed to retrieve our property. So it has put pay to us continuing filming and putting together content. Fortunately our editing and sound equipment was not with us when our camera equipment was taken. It is only to replace our camera equipment that we are running this campaign as we have learned ourselves to produce the filming website.

We believe providing this service will bring much enjoyment for enthusiasts and those abroad who cannot themselves attend events.

Thank you for reading, we really want to do this but need help! Thank You from all our team!

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