Crowdfunding Campaign: Carpe CARP- Seize the Carp! Invasive Species Reduction

by Brian Prine
(Dubuque, Iowa, USA)

Perhaps you've seen the news footage of boaters assailed by the airborne swarm of silver fish , or viewed the maps of the Asian carp's steady spread towards our nation's Great Lakes . Since their introduction into aquaculture and eventual escape into America's waterways in the 1970's, the three species of Asian carp (silver, bighead, and black) have spread out of control as invasive species. As they move into and essentially take over an area, they crowd out other species and replace them in their niche on the food chain.
Our goal is to develop a self-sustaining effort to do our small part in confronting this menace to the nation's waterways. We want to operate without government funding (and thus government interference in decision making), make a profit from our organic fish meal fertilizer, and continue to fund our efforts to remove as many invasive carp from the waterways of the upper Midwest as possible. This campaign is to fund the first of our mobile units. Working with the DNR and other environmental resources, our team will deploy to the area of concern (high carp population, fishing and boating hazard, edge of advance populations), set up shop, and apply the appropriate harvesting techniques to remove the greatest number of carp possible while minimizing any impact on native species. These intruders will be processed on-site by grinding the fish in its entirety and packaging it for shipment back to our home base. Once at base, ground fish will be processed into dried, odor-free fish meal and packaged for use as fertilizer.
Feel free to contribute, share, or like our campaign as we are launching today and are doing everything possible to increase our visibility. If you care about our nation's river habitats, you care about this campaign!

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