Crowdfudning Campaign: Alabama

by Nicole

Eighteen year old ALABAMA is a southern belle living in beautiful Savannah GA, on a postcard worthy farm. When her younger sister GEORGIA'S childhood leukemia comes back, it rapidly takes her life. After her sisters death ALABAMA, depressed, takes refuge in her sister's bedroom. While grieving in her sister's bedroom ALABAMA finds couple of letters that GEORGIA wrote describing the things she would have like to accomplished when she got out of the hospital. With the help of REID, ALABAMA finds her courage and sets out to fulfill her sister's last wishes. WHY OUR FILM IS IMPORTANT: Our film ALABAMA is important to us because it is a labor of love and a story that needs to be told. Everyone has been touched by cancer, whether it was close family member or a friend, Alabama tells the story about the people that cancer leaves behind. WHAT THE FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR: Pre-Production Funds -Line producer -Location Scout -Administrative costs -Marketing & Promotional Materials -And for the Film

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