Creative Nature Superfoods, Looking for investors in a profiting company with huge opportunities.

by Julianne Ponan

Creative Nature is a superfood brand that also create nutritious, tasty, award-winning snack bars using our own premium superfoods sourced directly from the most nutritionally dense regions in the world. Our ethical ethos is to promote, transform and increase awareness of environmental, social and health issues by providing healthy alternatives and nutritionally rich superfoods that have been around for centuries. Our products are stocked in a number of stores including Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic and Revital.
You can view all details and financials for Creative Nature on the pitch page

The idea of Creative Nature supefood snack bars arose from Julianne the director who saw that there was many cereal, energy snack bars out there marketed as healthy yet containing some horrific ingredients. With this in mind she decided, using the superfoods she would formulate unique cold-pressed raw snack bars containing naturally occurring vitamins found in superfoods at an affordable price.

Creative Nature turning a profit this year of £33,844 (management accounts) showing the company is on a rise!

Introducing New Products Julianne has furthered the range of nutrient-rich, ethically sourced, raw super foods, by designing and introducing a range of cold-pressed, vegan, dairy free, GMO free snack bars that have no added sugar or sweeteners, using 100% natural ingredients and our own premium quality super foods. In the first month after launching these bars, Creative Nature secured an initial listing in a number of Holland & Barrett stores and their online web shop for all four SKUs. We have recently been awarded the Innovation Finalist award at Lunch! This award was voted for by trade buyers.


We have already secured listings in:

Holland and Barrett Revital The Nutri Centre Planet Organic On top of our drive in the UK market, we are currently stocked in stores across Republic of Ireland and have distribution throughout Slovakia and Slovenia

Marketing Achievements We have been gaining press coverage for the super foods in nationals such as 'The Telegraph' and high end magazines OK, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. Creative Nature's Organic Peruvian Maca Powder has been the stand out product, after two case study placements in The Sun and The Mirror. After initial setbacks in 2011/12 when the previous management team launched a failed takeover bid and then took some major overseas clients with them, Creative Nature turned a profit in 2013 and we plan to build on this success and secure new overseas distributors to grow our turnover.

Solving the Problem
Creative Nature offers products that aim to be affordable to consumers, whilst potentially leaving retailers with a bigger margin. We believe that there is an increasing problem of obesity, especially in children and teenagers, and are hoping to tackle this by offering nutritionally beneficial food products from a fresh view point.

Target Audience Creative Nature have over 16 product lines in our aiming to target a large audience not limited to certain consumer characteristics. We have products that are aimed at children, teenagers, adults, athletes, working professionals and those wishing to enjoy a healthy retirement! Consumers who already are, or have considered turning Vegan /Vegetarian are a huge potential part of our market. We also aim to target more niche markets of health conscious individuals and sports athletes looking for specific natural products to use whilst training. We have put together a marketing plan to target trade buyers, increasing the amount of stores we are sold in to run alongside the increased interest from consumers who read about us in the newspapers and magazines.

The Opportunity
Expansion is the key to our success which is why we plan to evolve the company from a small UK superfood company sold in independent health stores, to the leading Superfood brand and healthy, superfood snack bar of choice, in the European market. In order to achieve this, we are targeting the major UK multiples, major UK food wholesalers (outside of just the healthy food industry) and major distributors across Europe. We are hoping to have 2x SKUs going into Giraffe Stops in London and are in talks to expand our superfood range, including the bars, across Scandinavia in 2014 We have exciting plans for Creative Nature and would love you to be a part of it!

Use of funds We will use the funding to: • Buy in stock to fulfil current orders. • Increase marketing and PR activity through a targeted campaign. • Take on a sales team to reach new customers. • Continue New Product Development. • Continue to ensure all labelling laws are adhered to. • Expand into new countries (updating packaging to be multilingual) • Develop a more user-friendly website and targeted SEO campaign


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