Creating of Child Educational Center in Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan. $50K

by Tasbolat
(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Business idea is Creating of Child Educational Center (herein after – CEC) in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, which will educate and train young children age of 3-5 and children of preschool age of 6-7.
What problem does the Project solve?
In 2016, more 48 thousand children in Almaty were waiting for their queue in the state kindergarten, i.e. there are shortage of child centers in city.
In view of this, the parents have to:
a) leave their children at home alone;
b) hire nannies;
c) ask their relatives to look after children;
d) take children with them to work place.
But of all cases the children do not get or get not enough:
a) safe tendance;
b) medical surveillance;
c) training;
d) education;
e) communication with peers.
Opening of our CEC will solve the following issues:
i) remove partially the shortage of childcare centers in the city;
ii) parents of Almaty will not have a headache where to leave their children for a day while they are at work place;
iii) experienced teacher will teach for children the classis on the personal development and pre-school readiness;
iv) children will be involved in the training and educational process;
v) during the day they will be under the supervision of a psychologist and a nurse;
vi) children will be provided with high quality nutrition;
vii) the children will have an opportunity to engage in sport active in the fresh air and talk with peers.
Project involves the opening of the CEC that will provide:
i) Conducting classes for young children (age 3-5);
ii) Preparing children for school (age 6-7) - pre-school education.
1.3. Growth Potential of the Market
According to the data of Agency of statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan population of Almaty city for the 1st, January, 2017 is more 2 000 000, of whom 12.5% are children in age of from 0 to 7. The population growth rate is 2% per year, i.e. the population of Almaty increases for 40 000 people.
It is necessary to open more new CEC.
To remove the problem of the lack of kindergartens the state authorities welcomes the appearance the private business in the market of pre-school education and training.
1.4. Financial Needs
In order to realize Project it is necessary 50 thousand US dollars. The authors of Project are seeking a fund / grants from Business Angels or Private Sponsors, etc., but not from bank. Why?
The point is that bank interest is very high - 14-18% per annum.

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