Copper molybdenum mine looking for an investor or for sale

by Murat Aibassov
(Astana, Kazakhstan)

The project for the joint development and investment / loans for the development of copper-molybdenum ore with the construction of production with deep processing of ore in East Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

1. Location: Shorskoye copper-molybdenum deposit is located on the lands of Semey city of the Eastern Kazakhstan region, 130 km south-west from Semey city , 3 km to the south of the existing coal mine "Karazhira."
2. Connections: From Semey city it is connected highway (93 km. Asphalt coating). Railway station "Coal" is located 5 km. to the north of our field. Drainage from the Irtysh River is brought to the village Balapan. Transmission capacity of Power lines conducted to coal mine "Karazhira" are 35 thousand volts. Transmission power is brought to 10,000 volts to our "Shorskoye" deposit. On the balance of the deposit it is also: 19.2 km road, hangar, garages, different boxes, technique dining hall, bathhouse, vegetable store.
3. Approved Inventories: Inventories section "East" Shor copper - molybdenum deposit approved by the State Reserves Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the protocol №523-06-U of 23.08.2006 year.
As of 01.01.2014, the stocks of copper - molybdenum ore, basic and associated components, approved by governmental commission of Republic of Kazakhstan and consists of:

Indicators Unit. Balance reserves of measurement category
C1 C2 C1 + C2
Ore tonnes 7140.5 4004.3 11102.2
Molybdenum t. 8260.7 4122.6 12383.3
Copper tonnes 4.8 2.42 7.22
Silver t - 12.91 12.91
Selenium tons - 11.22 11.22
Tellurium T - 13.0 13.0

Material composition and technological properties of ores.
The chemical composition of sulphide ores.

Elements of Content Elements Content weight% g / t
Mo 0,175 Sn 0,0003
Cu 0,079 Hg 0,11
S 2,37 Au 0,12
Fe 3,9 Ag 1,8
Pb 0,0026 Te 10
Zn 0,002 Re 0,5
P 0,043 As 20
WO3 0,025 Se <10
Bi 0,005 Au 0,05-0,0,09

4. Also in the field is ready ore mined molybdenum (Mo) in an amount of 527.0 thousand tons, worth more than $ 1 million. US. The field is currently (in the year 01.06.2014) has a ready infrastructure including: Carrere; Line transmission line; road; hangars; transport; experts; and other property and buildings.
5. Permits for subsoil use:
1. The license for subsoil use AI 1530 from 20.04.1999g.
2. The contract for the production of copper-molybdenum ore deposits of the eastern section of Shorskoye in EKO Reg №.2452 from 21.08.2007g.
3. The draft provisional exploration Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit. (Minutes №63 of 01.02.2006 TU "East bowels").
4. Draft of experimental development of Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit (protocol №2 from 19.01.2006, the TU "East Nedra").
5. The "Opening and development sector of the Eastern Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit" (flow NTC Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use number 34 TUT from 08.08.2007 years).
6. The local development project site East Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit, horizon 330 m surface.
7. Local development project of East Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit, horizon 320 m surface.
8. A local development project of East Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit horizon 310 m surface.
9. Local development project of East Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit, horizon 300 m surface.
10. Govermental license to operate the mining industry №000033 from 07.03.2006 year.
11. The geological - exploration map. All technical documentation. Drawings, maps.
12. Reports from third parties.
6. From 2007 to 2011 actually produced 1058.498 thousand. Tons, of which sold 531.746 thousand. Tonnes. Balance 526.752 ths. Tons of ore stored in warehouses in the form of finished ore mined.
7. Identified reserves: In accordance with the operational estimates, geological reserves of sulfide ores in the area "East" are about 13.0 million. Tons. In the process of further exploration and assessment work in the area "Central" found the ore body and two lenses. Projected reserves in this area are amounted 5.8 mln. tons of ore.
Total ore reserves in the areas of "East" and "Central" Shorskoye copper - molybdenum deposit are amounted - 17.8 million. tons.
8. The estimated mine life is 50 years with the volume of production of 500 thousand. Tonnes of ore per year. Exclusive use of the quarry for 50 years.
9. The cost of the gross product from the deposit is more than $ 1.2 billion.
10. For the further development of the project requires:
- acquisition of the deposit: 5,0 mln. US dollars.
- In the further exploitation of the deposit: the acquisition of mining machinery, equipment, inventory, organization of working operations - 30.0 mln. US dollars.
- conduction of additional geological exploration works - 5.0 mln. US dollars.
- The construction and operation of a flotation plant with a capacity of processing and enrichment 800,0-1000,0 thous. Tonnes per year: - 60.0 mln. US dollars.
Total for the project: 100 million US dollars.
Sincerely: Project Manager: Murat Aibassov

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