Contract Charters LLC

by Robert J. Cravey, Jr.
(Clarksburg, West Virginia USA)

one of the seven to be used

one of the seven to be used

A simple plan utilizing five turbo propeller driven 16 and 19 seat airliners and two
turbine powered airliners operating on a six day a week schedule to serve the central and southwest USA and Caribbean areas. One of the turbine powered airliners is configured to haul 25,353 pounds of freight. The other is configured for 85 passengers. Total financial requirement is $14,665,000. Projected annual gross income is $113,205,259 in fiscal year one. Minimum number of desired investors is
four bringing $3,666,250 to the table. ROI of 4% annual paid at end of fiscal year one. All investors repaid their investment at end of fiscal year one. Initial workforce of 58 persons not including out-station employees. Four/three schedule of
employee work week. Paid medical, dental, maternity. Family travel passes to employee families after six months employment.
See accompanying photographs for three of the actual aircraft to be purchased.

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