Construction furniture factory in Ukraine

by Sergey Maksyuta
(Bila Tserkva. Kiev region. Ukraine.)

We are already working on the Ukrainian market for over 7 years. Our company was founded in 2006. We provide interior design services. Since 2011, launched the production of furniture. We manufacture kitchen, cabinets, children's furniture, office furniture. Our clients are both ordinary people and big companies. Countless construction gives us a perspective on the business. We have a small staff structure: the founders of the company are Maksyuta Sergey and Maksyuta Vitaly. Management of the company Sergey Maksyuta. Designer Maksyuta Vitali. Other staff: accountant, sales manager, materials supplier, the driver, the head of the plant and workers.
Fast and high-quality work with the client and the lower price at the expense of a small staff is to make us successful. We plan to increase the company by opening a chain of stores and co-operation with designers and construction companies. Our advertising is on the Internet, in newspapers, in new construction homes.
This business plan is designed for a small business activity is the manufacture of particle board furniture and wood. Combining, hardwood and particle boards, MDF can be made as expensive product, and on average prices. Raw materials will be purchased in Bila Tserkva, in Kiev, all contacts have been established. Sale of finished products will be through the design - the design of architect designer Maksyuta Vitaliy, stores in Kiev, in Bila Tserkva, and in other regions.
Break-even of our company will be to ensure the implementation of 4 units per month $ 6600
Necessary to attract investment (borrow) $ 100,000

Net profit sales – 25 %

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