Community Tourism

by Sonia Smith
(Montego Bay, Jamaica)

A 50 room Dude Ranch Styled complex that provides a relaxing retreat for packaged holidays to Jamaica.
To be created amidst a working plantation in a historic community 30 miles inland from the Montego Bay Airport. Property has 89 acres of pasture lands, wooded area and river. To offer Dune buggy rides, horseback riding, nature trails with bird feeding, tethered hot air balloon rides and 3/4 day trips around the island taking in the flavors of Jamaica away from the sand and beach to enjoy its natural beauty.

Sustainable with its own livestock, produces and vegetables. Water, Bio and solar power.
Surplus from farm to be sold for export and local consumption

Ideal for group retreats, camping and relaxation

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by: John

nice post. worth reading it is.

by: Sonia

Its amazing the amount of scammers you have to filter out before you find an investor, then you find an investor who wants your idea but not to help you implement it for your benefit.
Scammers are getting so sophisticated if they spend time working at legitimated jobs they might produce a great project to really benefit others.
Why would I pay someone to show my file to a funding partner??
Why would I change my business name and give you 50% of my business to get funding for expansion??
The right investor will come along and I will wait until the right fit is found.. In the meantime I practice patience and keep dreaming while making note of my ideas..

Irie Holidays
by: Sonia

Imagine coming to Jamaica for a week and instead of been stuck in one location, you are take 4 days to visit and enjoy various spots from north to east south then onto west!! You actually visit Jamaica not just stay in a hotel for the sand beach and rum. You are able to experience and explore, then relax on a working plantation for nature walks, bird watching, horseback riding, tethered hot air balloon rides and dune buggy/ATV adventures. The plantation will carry livestock, fruits and staples, hydrophonic vegetable lots and be solar and bio fueled. Pick your own fruits to enjoy as you explore the nature trails, laze by the river or pool.
This is the concept Irie Holidays would love to create with its community tourism.

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