Community Investment Financing

by Peter

I live in a slum where a meal for a day is hard to come buy, where a dollar goes along away as most families live below a dollar per day and as a result there is increased crime and the rate of unemployment is very high.

Efforts by the local administration have not helped much as the process of giving out food stuffs is not only unsustainable but inadequate. Job creation is at zero percent and the youths are left idling, with nothing to do and no one to organize them into doing something and if this happens it's on very rare occasions. In the past we use to have a nationwide government project for the youths dubbed 'Kazi kwa vijana' under the umbrella of NYS ( National Youth Service)but this died as soon as it was born courtesy of poor management and rampant corruption in the government cycles.Our youths were left suffering, most of whom are Primary and Secondary school leavers.

It is against this backdrop that I have thought of sourcing for a substantial loan that can be put into profitable investment venture and the proceeds there of can go towards loan repayment while the rest can be used to initiate projects that can employ youths who will in turn cause a positive impact in the community.

The loan will be invested in the Treasury Bills,Unit Trust, Treasury Bonds, Real Estate and Saccos. The door is open to other investment options that are profitable and that will ensure that the principle amount is not lost no matter what happens because should there be a slight mishap somewhere and the money is lost then we are doomed.

Extra care will be taken not to invest money in volatile ventures like the Forex Market so as to help protect the Principle amount as well as ensure a steady flow of profits no matter the magnitude. I have done wide research and visited a good number of financial advisors, investment consultants, asset management companies, agricultural support centers etc So when I talk I have all this information ringing in my mind.Personally am an investor though of a low scale.

One of the projects that can be set up and that can engage a good number of youths is an agricultural project. In this project youths will be trained on keeping of livestock and growing of plants. With the help of agricultural extension officers the project will kick off and life in this community will never be the same again.
It may not be possible to bring awakening in this community at an instant as there is no magic involved here, but as time goes by I hope to see a remarkable change sweeping over this community gradually, touching and changing the lives of the locals in an amazing way.

Since these projects will bring youths together, it's imperative that they be taken through a number of short courses which include but not limited to, financial management, team work, sex education , drugs, ICT, peer counseling etc

After all is said and done,there will be a tangible evidence that will act as a mark and a reminder of the good work that happened in this community. The agricultural projects, the borehole, the bakery, the car wash / car park, the rental units, the modern public toilet and many other projects that I hope to see come into existence will speak even to the generations to come and attest to the good work happening in this community.

It is therefore my humble submission that this request be granted.

Thank you in advance.

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