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by James Hiuhu

Greetings all
We are a construction design team in Kenya comprising of architects,engineers and landscape designers.We have been commissioned to design and put a team which will deliver a ultra modern resort city. comprising of
-theme/amusement park with an African theme
-5 star hotel with fitness center and spa
-eco park with a mini golf
- apartments both furnished and unfurnished for sale
- cottages for sale.
We have identified a 182 acres parcel of land in the suburbs of the city of Nairobi and the upcoming leisure town of Machakos. The land touches the highway which the government intends to expand to a dual carriage.The new Standard Gauge Rail and station being less than 5km away.The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is less that 10 minutes away.
The neighborhood boasts of the ever expanding urban dormitory status with a middle class settlement.This with other factors makes the location ideal for this kind of development.
The preliminary costs for the entire project is about 500 million US$. This includes buying the land to project delivery.however this a preliminary cost and subject to change. we will be seeking for finance for this in say 2 weeks.However, we wonder if you can finance the entire project including and especially the purchase of the land which is included in the above mentioned amount.
But besides this project we have
-10 MW wind project US$ 18 million while the client has invested about US$ 7 million in purchasing the land. the project will later be turned to both wind and solar power project
-a 40 MW solar projects.
- we have a mixed use urban development billed to cost US$ 5.5 million
-we have two other apartment housing project costing about US$ 5 million.
its in this light that we would like to know if you pay commissions to agent or representative

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by: Marc

Dear James,

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