Commercial Real Estate Loan or BLOC for early-stage start-up

by Robert C. Lima
(Pacoima, Ca 91331)

Good morning,

My name is Robert Cristino Lima. I was reading your information, and what you offer to borrowers (start-up companies, investors, etc.) I came to you with hopes that I may raise capital by means of a pre-approved CRE loan (P.O.F.), a DPA, a BLOC,a VC or as an EP.

The purpose of the loan (or BLOC) is to purchase commercial real estate, which would allow the company to grow. The amount of the loan (or BLOC) is $2MM (USD) – this amount will be used to purchase a distressed commercial real estate property in an excellent location. All closing costs are paid by the previous owner of the subject property.

I have not been able to establish assets, liquid or otherwise or even show collateral (other than my FICO SCORES – 709/Experian, 742/Trans-Union). I am also an MBA Grad specializing in Project Management and Marketing.

I have a customized business plan that strategically places my company in the forefront thereby helping to revitalize communities through urbanization and economic development.

I also have 22 years’ experience in property management with multi-family apartments (80 units to 200 units) as well as in hotels (180 + rooms) – both types of properties include professional management, leasing, maintenance, and landscaping/contracting (as needed).

I believe in second chances Madame/Sir, and I am sure most people (99.99%) will agree that we take risks all of the time in our personal lives 24/7. In fact, we even take risks just to stay alive - think about it (if no one took chances, this economy would literally be in the slumps).

I also have several properties that are currently available - I could send them over to you....actually, bigger properties offer better incentives including a strong leverage profile.

Also, all of these properties (including hotels) have one thing in common - ineffective, un-proactive and unprofessional management practices - I know this fact as I have done my due-diligence with most of these properties through my research - most of these properties have been neglected by out-of-state owners that depend on on-site managers to solve any issues that may arise.

Here in California, the demand for good rental is very high, but because the up-keep is unappealing, renters do not want to be part of it - this is a common problem. Same scenario happens with hotels – if it is unappealing to customers/clients chances are they will not stay, and the hotel will suffer financially as of result.

Same with hotels throughout the U.S. - if the upkeep is not proactively being administered professionally (unappealing), the hotel will lose many customers immediately no matter where the hotel is located – this is also a common problem.

As an investor with lots of experience, my aim is to do rehab the property and hold them for long term as well as making them the pride of their community. I see it as a way to attract tenants, customers and clients alike in order create awareness, appeal (attraction) as well as raise the property's value in the process.

In reference to hotels, the properties I am working on are in locations with great-density such as in areas with 8% - 10% up to 30% CAP in some cases - these properties are not only here in California, but in other states where the demand is high, and those properties just need serious (management) professional attention, strategic marketing and good old TLC, which the customer/vacationer/client needs to see in order to fulfill and satisfy their get-a-way experience.


In both types of commercial real estate properties the neglect is evident which will lead to a real vacancy rate, and that is not good - this should not have to happen if the manager was proactively engaged in addressing the issue in the first place (e.g. replacement & update, effective communication between managers and tenants/customers/clients.)

I know the market and how it is and white-collar people love to travel, and I know their destinations, and sometimes, it may not just be about luxury outings; it can also be work related, school-related, and perhaps other reasons that is highly in demand as well. Regardless, of the economy, people do need to a place to live as well as families that enjoy their vacation so they can unwind (rejuvenate) from their everyday stress.

You are aware however, that I am an early-stage start-up, which means I do not have any assets at this time...I need to actually develop my portfolio whether it is one property at a time or two. This would greatly consider investors in partnering on bigger properties. All I would do is negotiate the purchase and manage them (in some cases). Investors will in effect, receive (long-term) monthly residuals.

I know of a man that does the same thing, but he develops lifestyle centers (Al Fresco outside malls). He has over 12 investors probably more now with deep pockets that just want monthly residuals based on their investment (silent partners). For example, in 2009, an outside mall was built - the cost was $424M...the monthly residuals, after expenses, was close to $1.2M per month, and these guys have over 17 location malls and counting just in California alone – these properties are in high-end, up-scale areas - these guys are making bank.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Thank you again and many blessings to you and yours,

Robert Cristino Lima
President & CEO
Emerald Crest Ventures Group

I can also send you my custom BP

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