Commercial Lobster, Snapper/ Grouper Dream Head Boat in Key West FL

by Kurt R. Lent
(Key West FL.)

This Is a Sweet Machine Prime For Profit

This Is a Sweet Machine Prime For Profit

Hello To my New Partner(s):
This Vessel package is an excellent deal, with the opportunity to expand and generate much higher returns, in the short term. My personal cause in this venture is to secure one boat at a time, then place the different permits that will be most productive on that Vessel, then fish that boat commercially also. I am able to manage a small fleet of boats while still being able to control operational costs and production rates from a remote location, as I continue to operate this Vessel pictured to its maximum levels.
My management team has extensive experience in electronics, mechanical repair, design, fabrication and application of desired check systems that are cloud based and remotely accessible from any boat location via web connection, which is readily available with modern technology.
This really is a handsome deal, and an excellent opportunity for 20% partner returns years after year. Our managed grow policies are assertive but manageable with the support of the existing service providers handling a lion’s share of the tax preparation, accounting, legal advisors, fuel, insurance and so on. I have every confidence you will see a solid proposal in front of you as you review this Summary.
I am proud to present to you this Vessel package for your consideration. Whether you’re interested personally or you have a fund that may like the returns, this Vessel package is as strong of a deal I have been involved with in my 28 years in this industry as Captain, Owner or Operator. No single or combinations of permits are required to remain on this pictured Vessel, making the ownership of these permits advantageous. For instance, I can purchase another boat to transfer the Spiny Lobster permit to, obtain the gear to fish in that industry, then I would be managing two boats, still owning all nine permits, now on two boats.
Simply put, owning the permit package(s) that come with this Vessel, which is very expensive to do, buying them on the open market individually. To compile the same total of nine permits that come in this purchase package, you would have to go out into the free market and pay market prices per permit. That is a serious Capital requirement. We will use some of the retained capital to grow the operation, acquiring more permits as they are advantageous, then the boats to create a small fleet of commercial fishing Vessels in one of the most viable fishing market places in America.
I look forward to speaking with you. My personal phone is 305-290-0890, my email is I would like to have feedback from you on the overall presentation, the concept, any advice you’re willing to share or simply a moment in time when two like minded people can just have a pleasant conversation. Thank you for the consideration in this project. I look forward to corresponding with you in the near future.
Truly Yours,
Kurt R. & Katherine R. Lent
KRL Squared LLC.
Executive Summary KRL2 LLC

KRL2 LLC was founded in 2014 by Kurt and Katherine Lent and is in the process of securing this Commercial/Sport Fishing Vessel that has nine Federal Water permits in place. Our principal office is located in Key West, FL. Our quest in this summary is to attract a partner, take the investment money and secure the Vessel as quickly as possible. My experience in the commercial fishing industry spans 30 plus years, and both coasts of America. I know the industry well, and am able to operate a profitable operation.

Business/Product or Service
KRL2 LLC will purchase this Vessel and start to produce on a commercial level daily. Kurt has been a Commercial fisherman in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years with captain experience on both coasts. Katherine brings a background in Business Administration, Technology, and Customer Service to the table to ensure that the operations of running the company will be dealt with on a day to day basis.

The fishing Vessel is in excellent condition, with few changes it will be producing at $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 profit per fishing day, and averaging 335 days per year deployed on the fishing grounds. There are two Detroit 671 diesels and a 10 KW generator powering this Vessel, all existing equipment is in good working order. The need to upgrade to a second generator is required for the purposes of running the cold storage system to hold fish fresh for market consumption.

The Market
We define our market by the types of commercial fishing permits included in this Vessel package. Spiny Lobster, Snapper/Grouper, Pelagic, and Mahi-Mahi are some of the permits that allow me to catch and retain for sale several different types of fish, all adding to the bottom line of this company. The permit package is a formidable package, something that drew me to this operation is the fact that none of them are currently being produced on, I will bring to bear the full force and value of those permits once I am able to start to fish on the commercial level once again.

This Vessel is set up as a Sport Fishing Vessel currently; it will retain this status on needed basis, generating income on level with commercial fishing. When customers are willing to pay the cost of the trip, I will sport fish a paying group of up to six people when a charter is available, but commercial fish the boat on days no party is going out with us. All permits required for such operations are current and will be retained with the purchase of Vessel.

We are not in a competitive market place; all species of fish are extremely plentiful in this region. Bait is not an issue; I have access to as much as I will ever need. We do not compete directly against any commercial operations, so the viability of this Vessel package is not dependent on being able to get more sport customers on board. I can produce fish with or without customers, and will experience less wear and tear on the Vessel with less people on board.

The opportunity and/or risk of this venture are as follows. We invest our time to make this venture viable. The package is valued at $600,000.00. This Vessel comes turnkey complete with all gear, related support equipment and slip in the most desired location in the Key West area. The Vessel’s book value is $450,00.00, the permit package is valued at $150,000.00, the equipment that comes with this package is valued at $75,000.00 and will remain with the Vessel as needed at all times.

As a partner, you will get 20% of the company per year. This package is worthy of very healthy returns year after year.

Management Team
Kurt Lent leads the management team along with his wife Katherine. Kurt Lent has been a commercial fisherman in Oregon, Washington and Alaska from 1982 to currently, with brief experiences in other related industries like the Taxi industry, where he owned and operated a small fleet of taxis out of Spokane, WA.
Katherine Lent has a triple Associates degree in Business Management in which she graduated National Dean’s list and with Honors. Katherine will provide the continued management support in all technical support related fields, oversee any employee positions, manage our accounts, provide continuing logistics and support to fleet fishing operations, bait company support operations, the daily running and management of KRL2 LLC.

Initial Operations will be managed out of the current facilities of KRL2 LLC. We use state of the art communications to keep the flow of our business focus on pace with the needed results of this company. We will secure the Vessel once the funds are made available and start fishing at the commercial level within a week of purchase and securing all permit transfers. Our focus is to be finished with purchase of this Vessel before the upcoming Lobster season starts on August 1, 2014.

Initial marketing is under way currently. There is an existing web site and home pages operating on the web. Our ability to operate as a commercial operation allows us to concentrate on producing out at sea, instead of sitting on a dock hoping someone will fish with us. This Vessel is being underutilized and it is a shame. In my hands she will fish daily as she was meant to. Customers will still be able to book charters online, or call our office for availability of charter trips. I will keep this Vessel operating on a positive cash flow basis daily because of the flexibility of the permit packages.

Capital Requirements
We are seeking $550,000, which will enable KRL2 LLC to purchase and modify this Vessel, purchase an effective dispatch system, provide for an initial marketing budget, and initial operational expenses. We expect to achieve a 20% operational cost, and Gross Profit of approximately 80% and Net Profit of approximately 75% on estimated first year revenues of $500,000. Retained Earnings will be used for further operational expansion within the market. KRL2 LLC has $125,000.00 already invested with the current owner of the Vessel as our retainer on this deal that fulfills the only requirements of capital investment on our part, now we require the balance from an investment partner.

Financial Projections
Due to the market dynamics, which will allow KRL2 LLC to rapidly grow into a dominant market force, the following financial projections are conservative in nature and reflect our belief in the unlimited opportunity for continued growth:

First Year Second Year Third Year Forth Year
Sales: $600,000.00 $1,000,000.00 $1,200,000.00 $1,500,000.00
EBITA: $500,000.00 $800,000.00 $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00

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