Cogeneration Project, factory wood pellets and Electric power plant on biogas and heat .

by Husein Mahmić
(Rijeka, Croatia)

I have the startup project ready for implementation. It is a wood pellet plant with a capacity of 6- 7 t / hour in cogeneration with (CHP) electrical power plant on biogas 3-5 MW / hour. Excellent location with complete infrastructure and long-term secured wood and other bio mass from private forests. The planned production of pellets is A1 (DIN plus standard) of a mixture of hard and soft wood.
Looking for partners has been produced to invest in the project.
Greetings to all colleagues

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by: Husein Mahmic

Dear colleagues,
impetus for this comment I received because I had just commented in my linkedin group. It is a false investors and fraud, that every day we get to your e-mail, right? More on how we will another time.
What I want to emphasize is to be careful and pay attention to where we come from such contacts (trace an IP address in the email). I know that the business-funding-insider good and decent partner and that their portal very safe from such attacks. Although I am a new member, I noticed that their members, sure, checked and correct. They are very good quality and in other areas but I believe that safety comes first for all partners!
My compliments for a professional, high quality and accurate work! I think we can all rely on them.
Greetings to all colleagues!

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