Christmas TV Movie

CHINOOK is an intelligent and inspiring Christmas film being made for the major TV networks, select theaters and the foreign sales pipeline. We are offering a 120% return and 50% ownership for a low sum of 250,000 dollars. We have a great director on board who only directs films with A-List talent in them, which, of course because of our direct contacts, we will have. We are aiming to secure the funds by end of this Feb so we may begin filming in late March-April and have it released for 2013, Christmas season, the most marketable time of any year.

We have the ins and outs and relationships with great and recognized distribution companies. This is a refreshing and captivating film that the networks such as Life Time, Hallmark, A&E, to name a few, will want to buy and play on their station over and over again.

CHINOOK will also be played at multiple recognized film festivals and released in select theaters.

Apart from being picked up by a major TV network, with just domestic/international DVD's and digital alone, based on three reputable sales agents, the worst that can be done is still almost tripling what the investment cost is within just a couple of years.

A perfect investment for a nice and simple return. Plus the feeling of being proud of walking down the red carpet at the premiere and being a partner of a beautiful film with comedy, wit, clean romance and inspiration in it. Later, in the Christmas season, sit back on your couch with your family and watch your film on TV's biggest networks.

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