Chris and Jens Food Adventure

by Chris Schillander
(Southeast Florida)

What we would like to do is purchase a gourmet food truck, and make and sell "Jersey Shore" themed foods in the South Florida marketplace. With the large 'northeast' transplants in the area, there aren't too many places that serve what we consider NY/NJ food.

Our plan is to be involved in as many outdoor festivals, fairs, and carnivals as we can.

We also will be donating some proceeds to various charities, such as Autism Speaks, Wounded Warriors, and local homeless shelters.
We will be serving the southeast Florida counties of St Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach. The current locations for food truck gatherings include several weekly farmers markets, 4 "Town Square" locations, and the fair grounds for all 3 counties.
Omelet "heros"
Ham and Swiss croissants
Pork roll and cheese

Sausage sandwiches

Orange/Vanilla twist cones
Funnel cake

These are just a few of the items we plan to have on our menu.

Marketing Strategy
We hope to become one of the "Premier" gourmet food trucks in Southeast Florida.
Behind this project is a husband and wife team, Chris and Jen. Chris and Jen met while working in a pizza/bistro in 1996, both of them acting as cooks and servers, and have always complemented each other very well in the kitchen. With many years of customer service in the food, hotel, and sales industries between us, we feel that we can deliver a great product AND a great dining experience.

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