CHINA - Start-up Cafe Chain guarateed to be the new market-leader

by Antonius C van Gevelt
(Beijing, China)

We are seeking USD 5.5 Million to start-up what will be the leading new Cafe-Chain in China. The company is incorporated in Hong Kong and as such is a Foreign Company operating in China. This provides investors with the comfort of knowing their investment is made in a well-regulated environment.

The investment will be utilized to establish 20 start-up outlets in major cities throughout China, and will also be used to establish a professional management and franchising entity in Beijing. Our CEO (Australian) and his team have operated in this field within China for the past 20 years and have an excellent insight in the market.

The company is set to become cash-flow positive by the end of 2017. After that, we will reinvest part of the profits to grow rapidly and will also actively pursue the rapidly growing franchising market. Once profitable, we will return 40% of the company's net profits to our investors. Our main focus during the foreseeable future will be expansion and growth of income and profits.

Our formula is different than the already existing major chains, and we are confident to become the market leaders in our part of the world. Our products are different, our foods are freshly made (not from factories), we utilize non-polluting disposables (plant based plastics), we have a strong training focus and we will operate a state-of-the-art loyalty program. We will give our competitors a run for their money.

We aim to source funding by July 2016 which will allow us to have our first 20 outlets and our HQ operational be the ind of 2017.

Please contact the principal, Antonius C van Gevelt, on

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