CHINA – Cafe Chain Startup – Capitalising on China’s shift towards a Services-oriented Economy – Diversify your investments!!!

by Antonius C van Gevelt
(Beijing - China)

We are seeking start-up funding of USD 5.5 Million to develop a well-planned Cafe-chain which will initially grow within China before expanding internationally. Mid to long-term returns on investments are anticipated to be exceptional. A business plan with financial projections is available on request.

In return for funding, the investor will obtain a 40% share in the company, which is incorporated in Hong Kong – making the venture into a Foreign Company operating in China. This structure provides investors with the comfort of knowing their investment is made in a well-regulated environment (Hong Kong still uses the British Legal System).

Funding is used for the establishment of twenty (20) start-up cafes in major cities throughout China, as well as for the setting up of the company’s management & franchising head-quarters in China. Our CEO (Australian) has been operating in the hospitality field within China for twenty years. He has an excellent insight in the China market.

The investment into twenty cafes would ensure the company will become cash-flow positive by the end of 2017. Part of the profits will be used to expand via opening more owner-operated Cafes. In addition, we will pursue the rapidly growing Franchise market in China to add franchised cafes to the Chain. Our short-to-mid term emphasis will be on expansion to gain market share and to ensure maximizing financial results.

The investor can select to keep its shares indefinitely (and obtain 40% of annual profits), or to exit the venture at some time in the future. At such time we wish to have first right of refusal.

To prepare for gradually out-performing existing cafe chains, we spent the past 18 months on market research, layout modeling, product planning and product testing. Having spent ample time and resources during this research & planning phase, we are now confident to have a formula that will make us into the market leader within our region (and within future territories outside China).

Please contact the principal, Antonius C van Gevelt through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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