Casino and mobile platform applications

by Milenko Dj Vuletic

Hello Everyone

I am the creator of smart single and multiple games for mobile platforms, online casino platforms and in-house casinos.

At the moment my Android app..SG on Google Play Store and two more will be on very soon: SG Rainbow and SG Knight.

Next will be multiple games for 7 players on tables for play online, for free, and for play in casinos, online and in-house, and will be published simultaneously as a playing set: name ''The book of smart games''. The box look will like a book and will contain 10 smart games for one to 7 players.

I have a software company in India and a mobile content provider for the Chinese market and the whole Asian market. This is all my intellectual property which I developed and financed in the last few years. My company is Smart Game Corridors LLC, registered in the USA.

What am I looking for?
A smart investor with € 1 M as a silent partner, with 20% of annual profit for the next (no longer than) 3 years until full investment is paid back. During this period half of my intellectual property will be the guarantee for the investment.

What's next?
In the next 2 months two more (above mentioned) apps will be put on Google Play store. In the next two months content will be created for my own website. At first play and download will be for free, then after 6 months it will be available at the online Casinos.

At the same time the product will be on the tables in Casinos. The production of playing sets for the first edition will be 10,000 pieces.

When the first Android app is in the Google Play Store, I will be promote the app and announce a competition for the best players worldwide with a big mutual annual prize for the period of September to December 2015. The plan will be to sell one million installs of apps.

I have already planned every step for the next period. I know what and how to do it. Anyone who can help, please contact me at


Milenko Dj Vuletic

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