Cash-in on Oil Boom property in the Bakken Formation 25-40% ROI

(North Dakota, USA)

Did you know that there is an oil boom in North Dakota that is creating massive housing crises and lucrative opportunities for investors and Sales Agents.

“As oil production from the Bakken formation continues to set records in North Dakota, the sheer pace and scale of the boom is still unfolding.”
Stanford University/ Headwaters Economics

40% NETT ROI rental returns and RISING.

15,000 workers without accommodation and RISING.

New studio apartments only $54,950.

Become an authorised agent and cash in on this investment property bonanza.

High Sales Commission.


The USA is the world’s largest consumer of oil.

The largest oilfields on the planet is in North Dakota, USA known as the Bakken Formation.

Bakken Formation will continue to grow to become the world’s top oil producer by 2017.

Bakken Formation has more oil in reserves than Saudi Arabia and the UAE combined.

Considerable supportive media and has been featured recently by the BBC, CNN, National Geographic, Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

45,000 oil and service sector workers do not have suitable accommodation.

15,000 workers are sleeping in their cars, tents or trailer parks.

The situation has created an incredible, untapped opportunity to provide accommodation for the many tens of thousands of cash rich oil and service sector workers struggling to find somewhere to live.


We are building a fully serviced Studio Apartment Hotel.

Studio Apartment investments only $54,950

Fully managed by same operator as Hilton Hotels providing a totaly passive investment.

All Building Permits in place, Phase one construction completed.

Phase one (220 studios) sold out and currently being fitted out for occupancy.

Demand for accommodation is in the tens of thousands and rising.

Rental income is supported by world’s largest companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Hess, BP and Halliburton.

Annual Return on Investment is 40% NETT and rising.

Ten year NETT returns expected to be 500%.

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by: Anonymous

I lived in a natural gas boom town in Colorado. I can imagine how crazy it gets in N.Dakota now. Lots of our oil workers moved that way after the Colorado Governor changed the tax laws and penalized the oil industry. But for several years our area was totally overrun by oil workers. Apartment rental rates went up, everything was booked. The local hotels made big money by consistently charging high rates. Property prices went through the roof. I can hardly imagine what it's like around Williston,N.Dakota. I heard that workers just sleep in their cars. Construction industry and even fast food places have a hard time finding workers, because the oil industry is paying top money. I wish I had some money aside to invest in this kind of opportunity. Sounds awesome.

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