Career Boost

by Timothy Bussell

My name is Timothy Bussell. Im an Amateur MMA fighter with the upmost desire to be the best. At a very young age, my life began drowning me with traumatic events. With every obstacle that life set in front of me, I found something to hold me over. The Air Force was my ticket out of the town that had ruined my friends' and my family's lives. However, that was short lived as I was discharged shortly after. I came back home, and was again faced with the challenge of finding something to keep motivating me to get out and create a better life for myself. So I figured if life can hit me, then I'm going to do something that allows me to hit back. Thus, the flame of my desire for MMA had been ignited. I could release all and any emotion that overcame me, and when I felt like life was being a bully, I could finally take action and hit back. Of course life took the metaphorical meaning, but MMA has been my escape. I've been training for years and I am about to make my debut. My skills in BJJ, American Kenpo, and some Wing Chun are my background as far as fighting. I can stand up and brawl, or go to war on the ground. Either way, there is a fire inside me that I feel that very few people have. I'm a fighter, a warrior, I dont quit, and I aim to be the last man standing. If there is anything that you can possibly do as far as a sponsorship to launch my MMA career, it would be greatly appreciated. I fight with Bluegrass Brawl, and if I remember correctly, their fights have payperview coverage through Time Warner Cable. Also, all fights that they promote make it to their YouTube channel, as well as Instagram and Facebook, which attract not only statewide traffic but nationwide traffic. One thing I am absolutely sure of is that if you decide to sponsor me, you will definitely not regret it. My loyality is unmatched, as it is a rare development from military background and the comradery that it is molded with. I'm dedicated and I've got the heart of a Lion. Therefore, I hope that the former information I provided you with has made a positive impact on your decision.
Sir/Ma'am, I'd like to thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Timothy Bussell

Here is the link to my campaign! Thanks so much!

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