buying and selling homes


The development and construction of residential property in the State of Indonesia is growing rapidly, thus creating business opportunities business of buying and selling homes and properties ranging from small scale to large employers can participate and enjoy this kind of business design. almost every day there is a good looking house the lease or purchase to be a place of business or residence makes it increasingly open wide for the home buying and selling businesses who want to do business in the field of property, businesses that are capable of producing large turnover.

Business consumers buying and selling homes

Target consumers of this business is the home sellers and home buyers as well as fellow entrepreneurs property, because in fact banyk housing businessmen who buy houses later increased in value to be sold or rented out again to get a turnover.

How to purchase home

In every field of business will be profitable if done with hard work perseverance and patience, besides the ability to negotiate with sellers and home buyers will support business development. everyone can run this business to learn some basic knowledge of the building or it would be better if you know the details of the building, but often a too much knowledge of it too much consideration so arguably fail before starting a business selling this house.

The first thing done to find home products that are being sold or know prospective home buyers can be searched on the following matters:
Newspaper classifieds and online media on the internet.Banks that are holding the auction house due to the buyer make a payment arrears of credit.
Promotion by advertising in the media and online ofline either.
Agent or real estate broker to cooperate if there is a recessive property for for sale at a price below the market price so that it can provide benefits.
Courts that sell homes.
professionals such as notaries, lawyers, tax, land etc.
Round about an area to look for homes that are for sale.

characteristics of the home that can provide advantages in this business that is

Sold quickly or as soon as the seller is in need of money or other reasons.
Homeowners are not able to pay the loan installments so threatened auctioned by the bank.
Property damaged or worn so that is sold at a low price.
Sold together with SVTO which is usually lower than the market price.

If you find a house in the above categories is to go straight to the owner of the house and asked the price you want, right bargain at a price higher than that requested by the seller:-) why? because in the business of buying and selling homes we no capital so to bid a higher price that we can ask for an extension of time within shall pay for 5 months to 1 year and in that period of marketing to prospective buyers can do to earn big commissions without capital: - ). but must be accompanied by a valid agreement.

Constraints business of buying and selling homes
All business must have a risk that is in the field of this property will be the checking of documents or letters of legal land, and find potential buyers. but when they are used to and experienced then this constraint can be minimized because it is their network of buyers who are ready to buy a house. whereas for the examination of documents to cooperate with competent professionals in their field such as notaries, lawyers and the like by providing sales commissions, nah .. then please think about themselves other things in the real estate business as more innovative and creative will give more value to the business occupied

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