Broad-range Disruptive Wellness Center for Replication Seeks $6MM USD Seed Cap!

by Jay Griffin
(Los Angeles, Calif, USA)


Far beyond SPAs, Gyms, Physical Therapy, Juicing, Nutritionals, Yadda Yadda.

HBOTs, Mild Lasers, Class 1,2 & 4s, PEMFs, etc....
Vita/Mins/Herbs/Trace Essentails-made-absorptive 95% + (like IVs)

Have MDs, Dos, APRNs, RNs on standby to oversee replication from Launch-Site to Tony Zip Codes in US, CAN & beyond.

NCND & POF before ANY serious exchanges.

No Hype, No Need,

Jay Griffin Esq.

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