Bringing to Market a New fully associative Database solution.. 100x faster than SQL

by Jean Michel Letennier
(New York)

Hello all,
I am looking for new investors to bring this technology(12 years old, recently released from DOD restrictions 12-5-11 and fully Patented) to market..

We have an opportunity to own the only OEM rights for both the USA and INDIA for 10 years for a nominal fee of 200,000$ with 100,000$ down and a deliverable of 1,000,000$ in sales in the first years and 2m in each of the next nine years

This will permit us to own our own IP and thus contributing extensively to the valuation of the company.

The amount I am looking for is 400,000$ , this would cover infrastructure and Sales/Marketing and salaries for 12 months..the only one on salary would be myself until the first sale ( 150k for 12 months- as contractor) and development of 2 basic applications for the retail market..
• project Activity management
• Data Integration and Manipulation

Additionally we would have the ability to resell state of the art compliance solutions for nearly any industry as well as BIG Data solutions we support EXABYTE (Quintrillion) single instance data bits.. and can aggregate data from any source(s) on the fly..

I am looking at dividing up the company in this way.

35% for investor

5% for you (finders fee)

20% for my head sales person

40% for myself

The money would not have to come all at once.. and be under the control of the investor, if desired
• 200,000$ at signing
• 100,000$ 3 months later
• 100,000$ 3 months after that..

The exist strategy is to reverse merge (possibly) with older larger companies or buy them out as time passes.. there are presently over 700 small data warehousing/data mining companies all struggling for the last 2 years with the same problems.. scalability 1 Exabyte (Quintrillion) , ease of use and speed..

since we have none of these limitations, we can basically buy them and their built in client base.. and read their backend with ours or upgrade their whole client base as we go

we can do what Qlikview CANNOT.. Dynamically handle multi terbyes of AGGREGATED data on the fly..

and yes, I have it live now ;-) with 8TB of data as a demo

tx Jean Michel Letennier

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