Breakthrough renewable energy generating company needs finance for Ocean Current Energy development final phase.

We will help address the Earth’s future power needs through the use of our Ocean Current Energy (OCE TM) technology which provides a 24/7/365 base load renewable energy generation source.

Market Awareness:

Global Warming is happening. Nations are pledging action to combat further damage to our atmosphere. Support and Pledge meetings are being held all over the world. Participants are searching for suitable substitutes for fossil fuel based energy production. These chosen renewable energy substitutes must also make economic sense, or they will not be implemented.

Our Technology Backed Answer:

We have been working in the hydrokinetic hydroelectric field, (specifically the ocean current driven subfield), for years. Our research and engineering breakthroughs have focused on all of the required components in order to develop a complete producing farm package. Our work has been well documented. We have multiple granted patents for our prior work. We are still in the patent stage on others. We plan on pursuing patents in still other future areas. We know that our OCE TM renewable energy can compete with fossil fuel generated energy. Suitable sites for our energy farms are abundant and located near dense population centers all over the world.

The Path Forward:

We have already completed 90% of a technology based business’s typical path to commercialization. With this round of funding, we will start producing the OCE TM commercial units in just 18 months. We have projected the first farm installation beginning in just 23 months. The first farm will start producing electricity and revenue in just 26 months. These projections are based on solid planning and prior site research. We currently have contact with multiple sites waiting for our OCE TM commercialization.

To Potential Investor / Partners:

This raise is for approximately $4.5 million, (plus commissions and fees). We are prepared to offer commissions to brokers, and equity participation, (and all of its assets), to these investors.

As an added benefit to this round of investors, (should they care to), they may also structure the first farm’s financial package. We are prepared to accept reasonable terms, as an inducement to them, for the completion of this round of funding.

We foresee future farm financial packages becoming more traditionally structured through partnerships with individual site developers, combined with the use of low interest rate loans from global lending institutions, such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the Intra-American Development Bank.

Projected Returns:

At 18 months from this funding, the first farm’s financial package will cover the corporate overhead and material costs to produce and deploy the first farm.

At 26 months, we will become a self-funding, and dividend paying company, derived from the revenues produced from the first farm. We will also start the retirement of the first farm’s site development partner loans.

60 months from the first farm’s start of production, the first farm’s individual site development partner loans will be retired.

The revenue stream from the first farm will continue into the future for 20 – 25 years.
We will repeat this basic development model again, and again.

We have projected the rapid increase in demand for our OCE TM units in our manufacturing and deployment division’s plans. We believe that our renewable energy solution will be the favorite choice at each suitable deployment site. There are multiple reasons for this confidence contained in our business plan.

Future Projections:

We believe that we will become a hundred million dollar company in just three years.

We believe that we has the potential to become a billion dollar company in five years.

We believe that not only will this round of investors be rewarded handsomely, but they will also have the satisfaction of fighting Global Warming, in that each OCE TM generating farm abates thousands of tons of CO2 and CH4 emissions yearly.

The information contained in and accompanying this communication is not, and should not be construed as, an offer, bid or solicitation in relation to any financial instrument or as an official confirmation of any transaction. Interested parties need to contact us for further details.

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