Brand New Fresh, Young, Modern Business in Need of Start Up Funding

by Kay Alexandria-Day
(South Carolina)

I have a new start-up that is young, fresh, and modern and in need of funding to move forward. It is run by a young, college student and looking to move forward and make an impact. I am not taking no for an answer and this is a passion driven business that is looking to make a change in society through men and women empowerment and helping those with their self-image and raising self-esteem and confidence.

The Company is seeking at least $5 million in funding, but I can deal with at least $50,000 right now to start off with and get the company going to gather some revenue. You need money to make money, right? So, starting off with this little bit of money could greatly help out and the investment might even double once everything gets going.

It'll be a home-based, freelance business and focuses mainly on women, but at the same time men can be consulted as well. It's a fashion styling business with a minor retail segment that'll sell basically urban wear at an affordable prices and running deals and sales that can benefit the Company.

To contact us, please visit our website, and e-mail me at

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