BrainDistrict Launches RocketHub Campaign to Fund Free Text-to-3D Service

by Richie Lopez
(Cologne, Germany)

This scene was created by typing text descriptions

This scene was created by typing text descriptions

Create 3D Content for fun, games, education or business using simple text or speech commands.

Imagine having the power to create amazing 3D models, scenes and worlds by simply typing text commands via your keyboard.

Text-to-3D is an innovative technology that enables everyone to create great looking 3D objects and scenes by simply typing text descriptions, and in the future by speech. Users will be able to create 3D houses, villages, cities, landscapes and entire environments easily and quickly.

Text-to-3D will be a free cloud-based text rendering service, where users can easily login and begin creating scenes and objects at will. We are also developing Text-to-3D client software for various devices such as computers, phones, tablets and televisions. The Text-to-3D service will be free for end-users for non-commercial use.

How does it work?

You simply type descriptions such as the following:

“A table on a wooden floor” and instantly a table will appear on a wooden floor (objects randomly selected from the content library). You can then add to your scene using what ever objects and materials are currently in the library, you can also move the objects around, change the color of objects, the sizes, materials and even the time period all by typing your descriptions.
Imagine the possibility of creating a complete modern day scene like a living room environment by typing your description via your keyboard, now imagine typing an alternative year like the 1920's, then watch whilst your scene renders to another time in history.

This new technology was first introduced via RaySupreme 3D modeling and rendering software. As well as being a full featured 3D modeling and rendering package, RaySupreme’s Text-to-3D feature enables users to create and modify 3D content by typing descriptions via their keyboard, and thus provides the platform for a whole new generation of interactive 3D users.


Currently the content in the Text-to-3D library is limited, as we need to create 3D models and script for each object to be added to the library. In order to get Text-to-3D where we want it to be, we will have to create hundreds if not thousands of 3D objects which will take time, man power and finance. To aid our mission, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign with RocketHub to gain investment to fast track our vision of bringing this free Text-to-3D service to the market and to develop Text-to-3D client software for various devices. The campaign is now live; please feel free to check out the campaign via this link

For more information on Text-to-3D and on our RaySupreme 3D software please visit

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