Biz creation project for Developing country

by Kats YKM

Seeking amount (loan) :

For working capital Min $3,000 - Max $20,000 / Interest rate 3 - 10% / Repayment 36 - 60 month

For complete establish Min $20,000 - Max $100,000 / Interest rate 3 - 10% / Repayment 60 - 96 month

Seeking amount (Equity) :

For complete establish Min $20,000 - Max $100,000 / 100% equity / Investor can be owner / Only one condition is that we need silent owner /

Project outline

1. For entrepreneur, companies ... Advice, Planning, Establishment, Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Improvement, Analysis, etc

2. For Investor (Lender) ... Offer good Investment (lending) opportunity from various business (projects). Investment (lending) advice, Aseet management, etc

3. For Developing country ... Contributes Job creation, Poverty redcuction, Econmic growth, Technology tie-up, Supply of foreign capital, etc

To be honest, Many people's and organization's are doing donation in Developing country. We also doing donation in the Philippines. However, Donation is temporary countermeasure. Donation doesn't come to fundamental poor solution. It's important to invent the income of the people's. Child doesn't have to do a beggar, Child doesn't have to go disposal ground, when parents has work and income !!!

Philippines have good potential of economic and business. And, A lot of peoples have good business idea and motivation. However, they don't have money and enough knowledge for make business. Government connot do anything. Local Banks level is low and negligence and cannot help entrepreneurs.

Also, A lot of companies (business) exist. But, They don't have enough knowledge, experience for solve problems and continue their business. A lot of consultant exist in Asia. they have enough knowledge about business. To be honest, Everyone can be consultant if need only knowledge. Important is that real data, experience and connections.

Therefore, We want make this project for many entrepreneur's who have good idea and motivation in the Philippines and Asia. We want make this project for many exist companies who have problem and want advice and continue. We want make this project for investor (lender) who seeking good opportunity. We want make this project for Job creation, Poverty reduction, economic growth, Technology tie-up, Supply of foreign capital to Developing country.

For more details ...

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