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• BIO, LLC $8MM: This is a medical foods company with a medical food in Alzheimers. THIS ONE HAS TENTATIVE FULL FUNDING. Medical foods is a new FDA category which requires that the IP is found naturally; that it is ingestible; that it needs a script; other parameters. The category, itself is hot. Combine that with Alzheimer’s which is a global 7.8 billion annually and you have a very interesting investment. The best part is 2 years to distribution and revenue. This is a group that needs IMMEDIATE help as they have scientists they will lay off if they don't get that help. Success is imminent, we want to avoid a setback.

• MED DEVICE $8 MM- This might be the hottest as far as time to return and ROI combined. Device which I have has the hospital systems in India and China interest. It is 7 months to revenue. It is a device which is a plug in to Blackberry which transports diagnostics by cell phone (Echo’s, ECG’s, etc.) with diagnostic quality. Why Blackberry? It is the leading technology in India based on the technology.

• MED DEVICE: $6.5 MM- company which has technology for a non-invasive measure of blood glucose and hematocrit with other analytes coming soon; difficult to deal with (though one of my good friends is affiliated with them, I would do anything to help him. I have a minor amount of personal investment here. )

• TECH IN RESEARCH: $2 MM: This is a difficult one for non-researchers to get their head around. For those of us in research, it is innovative. Of course, this one, too, is run by friends of mine. It puts into practice some new FDA recommendations in remote data review.

• Biotech $10 MM: excellent technology but early stage. It is new drug pipeline in oncology. More details available. The founder is a pretty brilliant guy from China with citizenship in Canada. We got a look from Piramal, an Indian pharma company (big)

• Biologics (acquisition ) $40 MM for 50% of company; total acquisition $60 MM: this company has a diverse pipeline from imaging technology ready for manufacturing to oncology drugs. Deep pipeline/diverse technology

• ONCO $100 MM early stage technology with some in Phase II

• ONCO $5 MM: oncology treatment moves to the wave of the future as technology evolves to an oncology vaccine manufactured from one’s own cells in the immune system- granulocytes.

• Therapeutics $1.7 MM: gene therapy early stage

If you have an interest in taking a look at BP/ES for companies who will be producing changing the landscape of healthcare for the future and need to know more, contact:
Jeffrey T Taylor, DMD, MBA Business Consultant
(cell) direct: (253) 709-2924
office: (360) 802-1075
Skype: jeffrey.t.taylor.dmd

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