Bio Diesel Fuel & Clean Development Mechanism project

by Kats YKM

Seeking amount (Debt or Equity) : Min $5,000,000 - Max $50,000,000 / It can change scale (plantation, factory, machine) easily before start project / Interest rate 2- 5% / Repayment 10 - 21 years / If Equity, 100% need and silent owner /


We will make the farm of Jatropha. Jatropha can usually live in the farmland in an unsuitable arid zone and the moorland. It has the tolerance to the harmful insect. Oils and fats that become the light oil substitution fuels from the seed can be caught. Greening of a lot of moorlands (unused) that exist in the Philippines covered with volcanic ash fall deposit and Biodiesel fuels (BDF) are produced with oils and fats contained in the seed and it sells it and Composting using waste (flesh and hull) generated along with business accomplishment. We do various businesses combining it. It contributes to the environment (greening and waste disposal, etc) of the developing country and the problem (poverty and pollution, etc) of chronic holding it. It is a project to be able to contribute to the exhaust reduction of heat-trapping gas (GHG) by applying and executing the CDM business.

Marketing strategy

BDF section : The energy field in the world is demanding the alternate product of oil. Since the alternative energy of plants origin chains with a food price or supply , it lacks in sense of stability. In the Philippines , there is a Bio Fuel Law and Jatropha is also contained.

CDM section : The carbon dioxide reduction problem in the world which began from the Kyoto Protocol will be continued from now on also based on COP (Conference of the Parties). The CER credit which the United Nations publishes is effective as a financial product.

Trend of the Industry

BDF section : In the fuel demand forecast by the world, it is expected that oil as a major energy source, increasing steadily at an elongation of 1.9% annual average up to 2020. Associated gas: China, due to the increased demand of India, circa 2010-2020, higher than the supply, the demand for petroleum products, including (LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which have been predicted oil prices, petroleum supply anxiety. Future, in terms of air quality pollution measures and global warming, is a technology built to go and use it to synthesize a liquid fuel of low environmental impact natural gas a lot of reserves than oil, biomass, coal and at the same time provide for the supply and demand reversal become important.

CDM section : Think it's a ground-breaking mechanism as a mechanism for the transfer of funds and technology. This is because well-established as an institution semi-mandatory for developed countries to achieve the Kyoto Protocol targets, the transfer of funds and technology if it is not only a slogan of developed countries in many cases up to now. Is the view of many stakeholders international community has also given a constant evaluation for CDM, CDM institution of some form that's being continue in 2012 and beyond.

Skill & Experience

Project maker already have experience about Jatropha plantation 8 years ago in Philippines. He had consulting to Jatropha plantation (100ha in Nueva Ecija) of some Japan groups. Unfortunately, Their project stop in 2008 by World finance crisis. He remade our project plan based on the his experience and track record of his client. His profit calculation is not prediction. It is based on the fact. And Personally, His profession is Business Consultant from 1998 Japan. He have a lot of experience of various business. He have knowledge about business planning and developing. And, We have strong connection with various organizations, companies even governments.

Products and Services

This project takes charge of a part of the solution of various problems that the above-mentioned developing country (Philippines) has. Tree-planting program, biofuel business, and compost (composting) businesses etc. are executed multipurpose and combining it. It is composed of the CDM object business and non-object business(BDF). Afforestation and the biotechnology compost business, etc. are executed by using the frame of CDM. The poorest segment of the population is employed, and it contributes to sustainable development and the development of the developing country by forest conservation in afforestation and solving the waste problem by the compost business. And, it is a project to invent combined convenience by the one that it is possible to contribute to an international approach of easing global warming. The income of a project is various and very unique. 1. Seed sale 2. Bio fuel oil sale 3. Garbage disposal sale of public office (city) 4. Organic fertilizer sale 5. CER credit income (from U.N.) and resell to dealings market or companies even government of advance nations.

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