Bio Diesel Fuel & Clean Development Mechanism project

by Katsuji Yakama
(Manila Philippines)

We looking finance for our environment project. Benefit compound type form Jatropha farm used multi purpose ( Bio Diesel Fuel and Clean Development Mechanism ). This project is done in Republic of the Philippines. We will make the farm of Jatropha.
Jatropha can usually live in the farmland in an unsuitable arid zone and the moorland. It has the tolerance to the harmful insect. Oils and fats that become the light oil substitution fuels from the seed can be caught.
Greening of a lot of moorlands (unused) that exist in the Philippines covered with volcanic ash fall deposit and Biodiesel fuels (BDF) are produced with oils and fats contained in the seed and it sells it and Composting using waste (flesh and hull) generated along with business accomplishment. We do various businesses combining it.
It contributes to the environment (greening and waste disposal, etc) of the developing country and the problem (poverty and pollution, etc) of chronic holding it. It is a project to be able to contribute to the exhaust reduction of heat-trapping gas (GHG) by applying and executing the CDM business.

We can show all details quickly.
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