Be Part of an Oil Boom Real Estate Dream - get 40%+ ROI for the next 5 years or 25% guaranteed.

(N. Dakota, USA)

The North Dakota Bakken formation is the biggest Oil Discovery ever in N.America. Real Estate is booming and will be for many more years to come.

We are building workers accomodation. Our first hotel studios are being delivered right now.

Great opportunity to invest in an 'Oil Boom' town through Real Estate and be a passive investor. We guarantee 25% returns for 5 years. Real returns: 40% and going up still. Your choice.

We are looking for investors AND agents.

Great commissions. Great returns. Backed up by big oil.

Please contact us via

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by: Anonymous


I can get you funding for your deals as long as they are from $2M and higher. Read the information below to see if you are interested.

If so, please send you name, email and phone number and a broker will contact you ASAP!

1) 100% Financing - do you have a project that is $2 million or higher? How much do you have into your project via land equity, cash, etc.? Or, if you don't have a minimum of 10%, do you have plenty of reserves? No cap on how high we can go. We can do this in all 50 states. International projects are reviewed on a "case by case" basis. Here are Eligible Projects/Many types: Stabilized real estate, Construction, Rehab, Agriculture, Mines, Oil & gas, Energy. Non-real estate projects: such as technology, pharmaceutical, major business acquisition/expansion.

100% financing includes: debt or equity, private or venture capital, joint venture. We can give you all of your money upfront or in tranches.

We are often asked the question: Do you charge "up-front" fees?
The answer emphatically is: No, we do not. We
receive payment only from "success fees" which are payable at loan closing.
To prepare the loan package for approval, these entities often require funds to i
nvestigate the viability of the loan and verify information received from borrower.
Payment of these funds may be structured in various ways, sometimes including a retainer to
start the process.
Please be aware that these funds may be required to complete the approval process and
that they represent a very small fraction of the amount financed.

Remember: the lender is taking on ALL of the risk. You can't ask a lender to take on ALL of the risk and you not pay anything before closing in regards to due dilligence fees.

There is a difference between a broker who charges upfront fees and a 3rd party who charges fees. Please don't confuse the two.

2) Refinance - do you have a commercial property or investment residential property that you want or need to refinance? If so, you are talking to the right person. We can refinance anything that is $250,000 and higher for commercial and $50,000 and higher for investment residential. Rates and terms are on a "case by case" basis. if you have a project that fits these parameters, send me an email and I will send you the necessary paperwork to fill out and I will put you directly in touch with the lender. No fees before closing! We can do this in ALL 50 US states.

3) Monetization of BG's (bank guarantee) & other items - Do you have a BG, SBLC or MTN (medium term note) that you want to monetize? Those are the 3 main items we monetize. We can assist you with that. Process is very fast. We need to deal directly with the principal client. No "power of attorney" people. We either deal with the client or no deal. Most "power of attorney" folks are nothing but brokers pretending to be someone. If you are a broker who is direct to the client, we welcome your business. Once you send us the client, the broker steps out of the way to work with the client and go to funding.

*** Very important - With this particular program, I need 3 items to get your item for monetization. Those 3 items are: CIS, copy of passport or driver's license, and a screen shot of what you want to monetize. These 3 items are a necessity. I can't go forward without them. As soon as I get these 3 items, we can go straight to the monetizer. If you have a client who wants to monetize, send me an email and I will send you the CIS. I only accept complete packages and in this case would be ALL 3 ITEMS. One of the main reasons why things don't get done is because the client either drags their feet or they are not honest about their transaction up front. We won't tolerate lack of transparency/honesty regarding a transaction.

*** We are DIRECT to the MONETIZER!!! There is NO BROKER CHAIN on my side.

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