Bar None! Best thing in the World: The Motion Electric Generator.

by Abuanthony Alim
(Daytona FL US)

Executive Summary
Founder and Inventor: Abuanthony Alim
If Electricity is the Problem? The Solution is Electrical!
We Design Hybrid Electric Generation Systems for all things.
Alim Innovations is an exciting new start-up company in the newly emerging Clean Technologies of “Hybrid Mechanical Electric Harness Generation” . We hope to Differentiate and Define the Vision of Our Company as One that Started the New Electrical Evolution and Revolution. And We Are The First To Re-Use The Electron in Any Way. This is The Future of Energy! Products Designs with Zero Impact and Zero Emissions. Every Mode of Transportation and Flight can be adapted to these Systems and Methods. We seek Help to Stop Fossil Fuels from stealing our prosperity and Killing Our Earth. You can't put a Price on the Future. But We are Paying That Price Every Day. We don't Evaluate This New Electrical Theory ”Recycle Clean Electricity”! The Cost is Our Prosperity! Each and Every one will benefit from this New Technology World Wide. I am Patent Pending with Proof of concept and CAD designs of all modes of transportation and adaptation systems. (AI) Will Develop its Own New Technical Advancements in the Renewable Energies Technologies. Zero Impact and Zero Emissions on Earth. By adapting Our Highly Efficient Mechanical Electrical Harness Generation Systems to all forms of Transportation, we will stop the continued use of Fossil Fuels. We will enable the Smart Utilities Enterprise to produce Smart Power for the Smart Grids Using Our Locomotive designs. Our Prosperity will be taken back from those who Profit from Fossil Fuels. It's all about the average person doing better by not having to continue to pay for Fossils. When God gives you the World you make it better, then give it back. It's all about the World We Live in. The status Quo will continue to harm our earth and steal Our Prosperity.

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Funding Assistance
by: Aubrey Crawford

I am interested in learning more about your Motion Electric Generator. I support green energy. I would like to also know how much financial assistance that you are seeking . Please email me at Thank-you

What is a Harness Generator?
by: Anonymous

The mechanical electric harness generator is a 3 phase DC electric generator that is fueled by being moved in any way and in any deriction. I have designs for all modes of transportation. From a bike to the Shuttle if it moves I have adaptation systems being Patented right now. Why look for more power if you don't know how to use the power you got? The hard part is getting people to see that with these systems and methods they could be using from 30 to 100 times less energy and putting that money on kides, prosperity or health. We look at the technology that is proven and advanced it so we would have no problem with explaining the 3 phase DC electrical systems and how we make it 30 to 100 times better. That we can do. Harness the power of movement it is the greatest power we have. Hard to See how movement could create electrical energy. The truth is that basic science says mechanical energy can be turned into electrical energy.

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