Back to the Future

by Oscar Scherl
(Sydney, Australia)

'Back to the Future' is an innovative film distribution system for up to 1500 Australian current and heritage films. Seeking project start up finance for this project, or equity partner in long established screen industry company with multi projects in development and film library. Genuine enquiries with credentials, please contact

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Why Bother ?
by: osscca

I know its difficult to wet the internet's scammers and idiots, like the one above, but can someone tell me what is the point about posting stupid comments irrelevant to the original question, that only detract from the genuine attempt to get to an interested funder. I guess that is why very few real funders would not consider the Internet, thus Why Bother?

What is your game ????
by: Anonymous

There are some nuts on the Internet, stop wasting every ones time, Weirdo !

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