AVIDOX MEDIA LTD Invest your money in a young and dynamic company with high earnings prospects. We offer 10% profit per month of the total of your investment.


The AVIDOX MEDIA LTD (www.avidox.co.uk) is a young company, very flexible to work in different categories and with experienced staff in its sector.
We operate in different sectors (It & Technology, Mobile Phone, Consumer Electronic, Tires, Food & Beverages and Perfumes & Cosmetics), but mainly our core business is the sale of telephony products of the leading manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.).
The Headquater of the company are in London in the heart of the City, but the project Avidox has been planned and worked to develop the marketing of products and the physical presence of company primarily in the markets of Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgari).
The project plans to develop for each country Avidox local offices with staff of the place that is dedicated to both wholesale and retail through an e-commerce products of Mobile Phone, TV, Consumer Electronic, Tires, Food and no-Food, Perfumes and Cosmetics. This project started in October in the Czech Republic in Prague (www.avidoxpraha.cz) where we set up a branch of the company by the name of AVIDOX MEDIA Ltd, ORGANIZACNI SLOZKA - Branch Praha
U Kanálky 4/1359 - 120 00 Praha 2 - the Head Office is Mrs. Diana Kristoforska.
The Prague office realized immediately contacts and relationships with key customers of the place, just think that we currently have the database complete with Related 10000,00 about customers or prospective customers.
In May we gave mandate to a major software company to design and develop a sales portal B2C e-commerce in the territory of the Czech Republic in recent months We've analyzed the market for online sales on the Czech territory and the result obtained unlike when you can think of has shown that sales of products online are the most developed in the Czech Republic compared to other European nations and much more commercial and more inhabitants.
It was also shown the presence of several portals comparisons of prices (the most important are Heureka - www.heureka.cz or Zboží www.zbozi.cz group Seznam).
The objectives of the e-commerce project plan to achieve by the end of 2013 a consumer clientele of about 2500 names, this objective can be easily achieved considering that the supply of products which are included in our website only provides for the Consumer Electronics and IT & Technology the publication of about 50,000 products in the catalog.

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