ATTENTION ! This is a world wide business opportunity on a world wide sale market !

by Marcel van der Pool
(Netherlands Europe)

I am looking for an investor that can also understand this plan, and is willing enough to invest a 100% money investment to build-up this business and company future growth. Because it is a 100% financing request, I am open and willing to entering any partnership agreement to eventually setup this company, as described in this plan. Do you know, or are you the investor and possible upcoming business partner who can understand this business also? Can you extract the possibilities here defined in this short plan? Then I'm looking for your financial help and 100% investment agreement! In every possible opportunity way, I will start-up this company enterprise to build within 10 years a multimillion money revenue company out of this total company construction and growth future destination plan.

Mission It is the company's mission to create, produce, build and export its products to the worldwide sales and trade business to business watch market. W2W watches will be one of the leading wholesale company’s worldwide within 10 years from the start-up. Also will W2W watches own brand labels be one of the best selling European watches with a worldwide trading and sale possibility and great growth opportunity. To realize and make this happen, the company's long-term goals are to achieve a 4% worldwide market share in brand image within 10 years and brand equity through marketing and sales, achieve a sustainable 45% net profit margin within 5 years, and eventually produce and create luxury watches in addition to the initial, moderately priced line and through the sale of existing watch brand labels and total profit sales of the watch2wear franchise stores.

TOTAL BUSINESS PLAN and SALES OVERVIEW ready for serieus investors to read!
*Please only real seriues investors with great financial power to build a multimillion making company out of this business plan!

W2W watches will have the following 10 sustainable competitive advantages:
1. Good technology, experience, proficiency, and good reputation build-up.
2. Worked out marketing plan with a market penetration approach.
3. High quality watches at a moderate reasonable sales price.
4. Wide choice present through multiple brand labels and own brands.
5. Good costumers policy, service and watch retailers’ sales showroom.
6. Fair no-nonsense company with 3 years warranty on own label watches.
7. Elegant and ergonomic styled watches in different brands, models and designs.
8. Devoted sales work force and overall devoted staff team.
9. Fast delivery from its own storage warehouse and distribution centre.
10. Big growth opportunities within Europe and even worldwide.

*B2B customers and retailers.
1. Department warehouse stores and shopping malls national and international. 2. Bigger retail sale website/shops and companies national and international. 3. Other Wholesalers in the watch industry national and international.
4. Jeweler retail stores and other related jewelry sellers national and international.
5. Other companies or stores that like to sale watches. *Percentage production of own watch brand labels.
WARROW watches, 55% total production and sales penetration in the watch market.
LFP La Femme Paris, 30% total production and sales penetration in the watch market.
HUXLEY watches, 15% total production and sales penetration in the watch market.

Company’s Goal.
W2W watches international trading company Co. int. It is the company’s goal with its 3x owned brand labels, to earning a total of 4% market partitioning share on this worldwide watch market within 10 years from the start!
*WARROW watches 2% of the worldwide market share.
*LFP La Femme Paris watches 1,3% of the worldwide market share.
*HUXLEY watches 0,7% of the worldwide market share.

*WARROW watches
WARROW watches will be the leading watch brand label aimed at the U.S.A. market and the regular sales market worldwide. There will be several models designed for this brand in a wide choice possibility. During the start there will be a total of 10x different models with each model in 6x several versions, color and design choices.

*HUXLEY watches
HUXLEY watches will be the high exclusive Swiss made watch brand label aimed at the U.K. market and the regular sales market worldwide. There will be several models designed for this brand in a wide choice possibility.

*LFP La Femme Paris watches
LFP La Femme Paris watches will be the high quality woman made watch brand label aimed at the French market and the regular sales market worldwide.

The total Startup costs of: € 8,274,500,- will be financed through private investments loan 100%. The assumptions are shown in the following table and chart. For the whole build-up structure and format of the company are held for 3 months. The construction build-up date is on: 1 December 2014, and the official opening is planed to be on: 1 May 2015.

*W2W watches other brand labels.
Next to the own brand labels of W2W watches, there will also be other already existing watch brand labels to be sold through the wholesale store, the showroom and through the wholesale site: (pilot site online) Labels like: Armani, Diesel, Gucci, Tissot, Invicta, Lorus, Seiko, Orient, Micheal Kors and many more brand labels will be sold through the wholesale company for business to business trading sales of W2W watches.

*W2W watches regular sale site.
There will also be a regular sale site for the sale of watches worldwide. The regular sale site of W2W watches is: (pilot site online) On this sale site W2W watches will sale watches to regular customers worldwide.

*Watch2wear stores.
Within the first 2 years W2W watches will open 6x watch2wear stores in the Netherlands with the same look and concept as the sales site. When this stores will go out of Dutch borders limits, they will set up based on a franchise concept. All stores will be provided by watches delivered from the W2W wholesale to the retail sale and franchise stores. The store concept is to sale only watches and watch related goods ore things, all in the same store appearance.

This is a TOTAL business concept with a World wide sale opportunity !
In 5 years this company will have an NET profit Capital of € 8.764.658,00
and an sales income of: € 19.671.996,00 (EURO)

Please contact trough mail:

W2W watches International trading company Co. Int.


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